How to schedule a Henderson Air Conditioning Service or Installation in 5-minutes

    Are you looking for the most honest, reliable and affordable air conditioning repair and replacement service in Henderson? Look no further! We are family owned and operated and offer the same prices to you as we do our own family members. We specialize in installing defective air conditioning units for residential and commercial properties and offer the highest customer service in town! We also will offer to repair your AC unit if it just needs a simple repair. With us, honesty counts. You don’t have to worry about an HVAC company pushing you to buy an expensive new air conditioning unit that you don’t need. If we wouldn’t do it to our own in-laws, then we won’t do it to you! We are Henderson, Nevada’s most trusted company when it comes to the installation or repair of your air conditioning unit. Call us for a free, no hassle estimate and we absolutely promise to deliver high customer service that our other customers rave about.

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    We offer affordable Henderson AC installation.

    It is important when looking for an HVAC company to be able to get competent service without the huge price tag. When you need your air conditioner replaced or need a new AC installation, we will do it at a low cost to you. We provide energy efficient AC units to you at a lower cost than our competitor’s do and still provide great service at the same time.

    If your air conditioning unit is broken, we can repair it.

    Sometimes your AC unit will not need replaced. When we inspect and diagnose your air conditioner, we will only recommend a replacement if there is no other option. Sometimes it is less expensive to repair an air conditioner than it is to replace it. You can depend on us to be honest with you even if it means that we will make less money. Our integrity matters and has helped us forge lasting relationships with our customers for many years.

    Residential HVAC Service for Henderson, NV.

    There are over 500,000 homes in Las Vegas and Henderson and about 20,000 of them need their air conditioner units replaced every year. With the huge demand, we are able to help home owners repair and if necessary, replace their defective AC units at rock bottom pricing and with the best and most energy efficient air conditioners known to man. Rated the number one AC and furnace repair company in Henderson, NV.

    We offer commercial HVAC service to Henderson and Las Vegas areas.

    With the high demand for commercial energy-saving air conditioner units, we service many retail, industrial and office complexes throughout Henderson and Las Vegas. When a large commercial unit breaks down or needs replacement, we are fast and reliable in providing the service you and your customers need. Our summers get hot and when your AC unit breaks down, you will lose customers every minute while you wait for another HVAC company to show up. Henderson Air Conditioning Service and Replacement makes sure that your business is up and running FAST before you lose any customers! Some areas we service include but are not limited to:

    • Henderson, NV
    • Las Vegas, NV
    • Boulder City, NV
    • Summerlin, NV
    • Paradise, NV
    • Jean, NV
    • Primm, NV
    • Mount Charleston, NV
    • Sandy Valley, NV
    • Pahrump, NV


    Hire a Henderson HVAC company with the best technicians.

    All of our technicians are uniformed, licensed and provided with the highest quality training so that you save money and down-time. We provide ongoing air conditioning technician training to insure that the cost per job is as low as possible for you. You can rely on us to be competent and well trained so that your result and price is the very best.

    Henderson Air Conditioning Service and Replacement is bonded and insured.

    You are protected by millions of dollars of coverage on every visit from us! You will never have to worry about any repercussions of having something go wrong from an unlicensed handyman or AC technician when you work with us. ​

    We install energy-efficient air conditioners for every customer.

    Gone are the days of high cooling bills in the summer! We specialize in installing the very best HVAC units for your home or business. We will not take detours, but will only install AC units with warranties and a high efficiency rating. The temperatures here are high enough! Your energy bill doesn’t have to be also. When you call us, ask about the types of air conditioner units that we install. We will never steer you wrong but only recommend the best units for your particular property.

    We will replace the air conditioning air handler unit.

    Sometimes, but not all of the time, your air handler (normally in your garage or attic) will need replaced. When this happens, we will need to completely replace the unit with a far superior unit that meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards and we will do it at the same time your Air Conditioner unit is installed. If your attic needs to be accessed, we may need to cut into your ceiling to create enough room for the new unit to be installed. If this is done, we will make sure your home is repaired completely so it looks like it never even happened! If it is possible, we will try to repair the existing unit before trying to cut into your ceiling.

    All parts (including freon) are included in the air conditioner installation.

    You don’t have to worry about extra fees being tacked on to the original price we quote you either! While other HVAC companies might try that, we would never try to slip in any hidden charges to make a few extra bucks from you because we strive to treat each customer like family.

    Henderson Air Conditioning Service and Installation is the best choice when it comes to hiring a Henderson HVAC company who is honest, reliable, affordable and willing to go the extra mile for every customer. When you hire us, your experience will be so good, you’ll hope more things break down so you can call us again!