When you live under the blazing Nevada sun, the last thing on your mind is a furnace. You’re hot enough as it is, why would you consider a system that makes it even hotter in your home? But, surprisingly, Nevada winter nights can reach some chilling temperatures. And when that happens, you’ll be glad you have a home furnace keeping you warm in your bed. Don’t trust your home to just any furnace company. Trust only the best. And that’s us! We’ve been serving customers like you for years and have the experience and the knowledge to handle any furnace problem out there. Call today and find out for yourself why we’re number one.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to finally install a new furnace or if you’re replacing a furnace that broke down. We’ll help you decide which unit style and model is right for your household. Because, just as no two homes are the same, furnaces are just as unique in how they work. Once you have one picked, we handle all the installation so you can sit back and enjoy the warm air.


The last thing you want is to see your beloved furnace break down on an especially cold night when you need it most. To try and minimize that risk, it’s best to schedule routine maintenance to keep your system clean and running efficiently. And changing furnace filters regularly is crucial to function. Not only does maintenance avoid some repairs, but it extends the life of your furnace.


Sometimes, no matter how careful you are with maintenance, your furnace will experience a problem. And when that happens, you’ll need knowledgeable technicians on the scene to come to the rescue. Our furnace repair services have been perfected over years of hard work and we’re ready to accurately pinpoint any root issue and have it fixed in no time. We don’t want you cold.


It happens more often than you’d think. A furnace breaks down. The family is chattering their teeth away huddled in their beds. And yet they can’t get it fixed because none of the contractors they call service their area! We make it simple. If you’re Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, we have you covered when you need us most. Because isn’t that the way it should always be?


Gas furnaces are pretty simple in how they operate. Liquid petroleum or natural gas comes through pipes and is ignited by a fire source. As it burns, it heats up. Air is pulled into the furnace and is heated up by the burning gas before it is sent through the ducts to disperse through the whole home. This is one of the most cost efficient furnaces out there, but it can experience some minor breakdowns. The most common issue we are called out for is a failure to light the gas. We can find the root cause of the ignition failure and fix it for you faster than you can say “brrr”. We also can take care of regular maintenance to keep the system from becoming clogged or dirty. Annual inspections are the key to a healthy gas furnace.


If you’re looking for a quiet and generally distraction free furnace for your home, we recommend an electric unit. Electricity is run through a series of metal heating elements that warm up quickly from the electricity coursing through it. Air is brought into the heating cabinet and increases in temperature as it comes in contact with the heating elements. It then goes through the duct system and warms the rooms in your house. The result? The system gets the job done and the initial investment on an electric furnace is much smaller compared to other styles. However, before choosing this style be warned that operating an electric furnace can be pricier than oil or gas. So decide which is more important to you: cheap installation or cheap monthly expenses. On the plus side, electric furnaces can last 20-30 years, so furnace replacement isn’t looming over you.


An oil furnace is very similar to a gas furnace in that air and, in this case, oil are mixed together and ignited. However, oil furnaces push the oil through a filter the aerosolizes it. Then it is ignited by the ignition transformer. The main drawback to this type of unit is that it is not nearly as efficient as a gas style system. However, it is cheaper to purchase initially. Plus, oil furnaces tend to have a longer lifespan. What does that mean for you? More years before you have to consider buying another brand new unit. And that means more money in your pocket. Choosing a furnace is all about deciding what your goals are. Are you looking to minimize the monthly bill or save on installation? Or maybe you want cheap furnace repair costs? Only you can answer that, but we’re more than happy to help pick the right one for you once you do.